100% organic vegetable and fruit cleanser

Lamoon Green Cleanser
Gentle Cleanser Green Wash fruits and vegetables, organic, for the confidence in every meal as the safest for baby and everyone in the family


Tender and therefore invented Organic vegetable and fruit cleanser 100% natural with FoodGrade ingredients, therefore the safest With baby and everyone in the family.


Natural cleaning # With orange extract helps to cleanse dirt, dirt, contaminants and pesticide residues to come off easily.


Helps reduce the accumulation of bacteria That may follow fruits and vegetables that may cause diarrhea


Clean fruits and vegetables, natural formula, no smell, not stuck to vegetables. Do not change vegetables color While also helping to keep vegetables and fruits fresh, more appetizing as well


Lamoon Organic Vegetable and Fruit Washing Liquid 400 ml

Lamoon Organic Green Cleanser 400ml

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